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As the sorter industry's innovation leader, Delta Technology provides solutions and experience that allow our clients to enjoy optimal yields and efficiencies. When those attributes are combined with our sorters' ruggedness, competitive pricing and maintenance programs, it's easy to see why the most cost effective sorters in the world come from Delta Technology.

In business for 40+ years under the same ownership, we value product excellence, integrity, teamwork and continual self-improvement, both as a company and as individuals. We are passionate about technology and quality, and we hold ourselves absolutely accountable to our most important stakeholders, our customers. Contact us for your specific application needs.

Electronic Sorters

Delta machines are designed and manufactured to the strictest industrial standards. Our patented technologies offer the greatest accuracy in the market, granting real value to demanding clients worldwide.


Lab Analyzer
Lab Analyzer

- GPU accelerated computer for deep learning
- 2K full color linear scan camera
- Ultra High-definition telecentric photographic quality lens
- Double row long life linear LED lighting system
- Conforms to UL standards

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Delta Advantages

- LED background panel
- High-speed RGB cameras
- HD full color

- Eliminates a great part of beans damaged by coffee berry borer
- Ideal for small volumes
- Worldwide network of specialized technicians

When needed, a technician is only a phone call or an email away. Delta has a worldwide network of carefully selected and fully trained technicians on every continent and in many countries. Factory direct service centers are in Bangalore-India, Kampala-East Africa, Houston-Texas and Sao Paulo - Brazil.


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